Perfect guide to buy used iPhones in India

Perfect guide to buy used iPhones in India

Is it advisable to buy used iPhones in India? It seems as tempting as it is to buy used iPhone at a far cheaper prices compared to brand new sealed iPhones, but there are high chances that you end up getting a fake one. So, in today’s article, I will show you the advantages of purchasing a used iPhone and steps to follow to avoid buying a defective one. You can find the Pros of using an iPhone over other phones in my upcoming article.

Perks of buying used iPhone:-

  1. As you know, the biggest advantage anyone gets for a used iPhone, is that it comes at a much lower price with the same features, compared to a sealed phone.
  2. The secondary reason is that some people who are very eager to buy an iPhone but couldn’t due to their financial condition try to find other ways to get an iPhone, such as buying a used iPhone from a friend or from online store such as OLX or Quikr from India, or eBay from other countries like US.
  3. Unlike other smartphones, Apple products are designed to last longer than any other smartphone manufactures existing as of now. So, if you buy used one, you can still have the feeling of using the latest iPhone, thanks to its quick iOS updates up-gradable for an iPhone as old as 5 years.
  4. If you wish to upgrade to another iPhone and if you want to sell the current used iPhone bought from someone, your selling price will not be much lower than the price at which you bought used iPhone. In some cases, you can sell it at a price equal to the money you bought it for, if the phone is kept in good condition. This brings down your cost of usage of the iPhone to a greater extent.
  5. If the warranty of the iPhone is still active at the time of purchase of used iPhone, you can have the benefit of extending the warranty for the phone, which helps you to a great extent in case of phone damage or repairs. Though it comes at a price, it is totally worth it, as the cost of repair for any iPhone is far more than that of an android phone.

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Keeping Pros of a used iPhone aside, there are many steps to be taken in order to not get into a position of paying hefty amount for a defective phone or some Chinese iPhone clone. Follow these steps to make sure you get what you wanted.

Best options buy used iPhone:-

  • Finding the right source of purchasing iPhone, i.e., the best source to buy is from your friends or colleagues. You have an idea of the number of days your friend has been using that iPhone, or at least you will know the actual condition of the iPhone. This helps in getting a better phone, and also helps in determining the reasonable price for it. Another add-on is that you won’t feel much like losing the money if you are giving it to one of your friends.
  • The other best sources are online used stores, which are now checking the condition of the mobiles and certifies them, before the user actually buys a phone. This makes them charge little bit extra, but it is worth it. Let me remind you that not all phones are certified in online stores. So, only if the website mentions that it went through quality checks, only then you can opt for it.

What if the online store didn’t check the phone someone is selling? What if he is not your friend or colleague? Read my best tip below to get what you wanted, without any risk.

Guide to follow while buying an iPhone from a stranger:-

  • Consider you found a person trying to sell his used iPhone at a decent price on OLX or some other online store and you are interested in it. Follow these steps to verify the phone
  • Contact the person and tell him that you are interested in buying it and schedule a meet with him
  • Ask him the purchase bill and the box and verify the billing details such as name and the date of purchase. This helps in validating the date of purchase and ownership of the phone.
  • You can also check the purchase details of the iPhone online by going to Apple website and entering the imei or serial number. you can see the warranty details as well, if any.
  • The last step is to verify the current condition of the phone.  To do this, visit a nearby Apple service center along with the seller and ask the service guy to perform overall condition check for the iPhone. He might charge for the same but it is below thousand rupees. He performs hardware check for all the parts such as microphone speakers, screen touch response, headphone jack, all the ports and other hardware for its performance. He will inform you right away if any hardware is malfunctioning.

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If everything is alright, then trust me you got a perfect iPhone for the price you wanted to buy. Congratulations finally!! Leave a comment below for any queries or feedback. Don’t hesitate 🙂

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  1. iPhones in India don’t come cheap. And while you can buy an older model like the iPhone 6 for a relatively affordable price, if you’re keen on getting a more recently-released model, a second-hand iPhone is your best bet. Used iPhones predictably come with their share of trade-offs, especially in India where Apple-refurbished iPhones aren’t available. If you’re considering shelling out for a used iPhone, it s a good idea to perform these checks before you buy.

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