Apple Music Review: Is it worth it?

Apple Music Review: Is it worth it?

Review for Apple Music:-

I have been using Apple music for my iPhone 6s for more than 2 years. So, I have more than enough experience with the streaming App. Apple launched its music streaming app initially in July 2015, many years after popular streaming app Spotify. Still, it gained so much popularity and has more than 500 million songs in its library as of 2019. Below are the Pros and Cons of using Apple music.


  • Since it is an official music streaming app from Apple, the integration of app and its songs to the operating system is quite beautiful. It can sync with other applications such as Alarm, Siri, and Airpods etc. So, if you have an iPhone, Apple Music is quite satisfactory
  • The User Interface of the app is very beautiful and simple to use. One can feel the smoothness of the app while using it. Apple is known for its user experience and the same is reflected in its app Apple Music.
  • It has 3 months of free subscription, which helps you to have complete experience of the app. There is no need for you to directly opt for its subscription.
  • Talking about the songs catalogue, Apple boosts of its 50 million songs in its library, which is more than Spotify and other apps such as Prime music and google play music etc.
  • Apple Music offers a special students plan, at $4.99 (49 INR in India) which is same price as Spotify. But here is the catch, that the student can avail the plan upto 48 months, compared to only 12 months for Spotify.
  • Songs from various sources, such as downloaded songs, songs synced with itunes store can easily be integrated with Apple Music app along with other songs from the app. This feature is not available in any other service, and the songs from other sources can be accessed anywhere from other devices along with purchased content.
  • Apple Music includes videos from various artists and movies, which is a bonus for the songs.

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  • Apple Music doesn’t have many playlists in regional languages, especially in India, compared to its competitors having wide range of playlists according to the moods, artists etc.
  • There is no free plan apart from first 3 months of free subscription, which means you have to pay for the service, if you wish to listen to Apple Music.
  • Search option doesn’t really work well for not so popular songs, which means you have to type the exact words the song is registered with Apple Music.
  • Though Apple Music is perfectly integrated with Apple ecosystem, it is just like any other music streaming app, when it comes to Android devices. Android has clear dominance in most of the countries, including India.
  • Apple has exclusive rights many artists internationally, but when it comes to regional content, it lags behind other streaming apps. Nevertheless, Apple Music has all the latest albums which are being released in recent past, but in terms of old content, Apple Music is really far behind.


Close to perfect for iPhone users who wants to have premium experience and integration with your phone and if you are not a great fan of old songs and different playlists.
For Android users, there are plenty other options for you to try with/without shedding money out of your pocket.

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