11 reasons why you should buy iPhone 11

11 reasons why you should buy iPhone 11

The wait of the year is over for all iPhone freaks including us. Yes, Apple special event 2019 has just happened with new iPhones, new series Apple watch and a lot more. In the previous release, Apple introduced iPhone XR (budget version), iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. But now Apple kept iPhone 11 as the first model with a dual camera, along with Pro versions with a triple camera.

There were many rumored features before the release such as compatible with Apple Pencil, power share and a USB-C port that was whispered to replace the lightning connection. Also, people expected 5G in the iPhone to compete with other giant companies like Samsung. But all turned out to be rumors only. New dual-camera stands out of all other features of iPhone 11. Let’s explore 11 reasons why you should buy iPhone 11 this year among all other iPhone models till now.

We will make you go through major 11 features which if you like to go and grab iPhone 11.

1. Fastest CPU and GPU performance with A13 Bionic processor

Yes, Apple again increased the performance better than previous iPhone models. Now it has the fastest CPU and GPU performance with the new A13 Bionic chip and a third-generation neural engine. With this, you can experience the best while playing games and watching your favorite shows.

At low-level design, Apple managed to keep 8.5 billion transistors in a single processor which is A13 Bionic. This can do up to 1 trillion operations per sec making iPhone 11 works as smooth as butter in whatever operation you do.

2. Rear dual cameras

This is the most attracting feature among other iPhone models to get convinced to buy iPhone 11 if you love to take pics. With the new dual camera system, you can take photos from wide to ultra-wide. A redesigned interface uses the new Ultra-Wide camera to show you what’s happening outside the frame — and lets you capture it making it the world’s popular camera. It captures four times more scene. If you are shooting performance of your kid along with crowd or if you go for a trip with family, this is a perfect iPhone no additional DSLR is required.

Next generation smart HDR, with the advancement of machine learning now it recognizes people in the photo and treats them differently. So, face has beautiful highlights, shadows natural looking skin tones. Still background looks gorgeous.

3. Toughest glass in a smart phone

Front and back glasses are strengthened through a dual ion-exchange process. So, you don’t need to worry if it just slips from your hand. Cool right!

4. An hour more battery life

iPhone 11 lasts even an hour more than iPhone XR. With the new A13 Bionic processor, iPhone 11 works most power-efficient way possible which makes your battery lasts longer. It also supports fast charging, up to 50% in just 30 min with an 18 W charger.

5. Faster Face ID recognition

iPhone 11 will recognize your face even faster than before as per Tim’s words. You can just glance to sign in to apps, access accounts and pay with Apple pay.

6. Night mode camera

With new night mode feature which automatically turns on in low light, you can capture perfect pic even in the dark without the need of a flash. Photos are as brighter as normal mode.

A new Wide camera sensor works with intelligent software and A13 Bionic works to let you get beautiful, detailed images in drastically lower light which was never possible before. Perfect for dinner parties and many more.

7. 4K video for front and rear camera with slofies

Start shooting the highest quality video in a smartphone ever with 4K video at 60 fps across all its cameras. You can also edit the video as easily as you do with your photos. Isn’t it what we are looking for?

Welcome to the world of selfies. Now onwards it will fill with slofies. New word? Yes, with new iPhone 11 it enables us to take slow-motion videos from the front camera itself. Funny isn’t it. You can capture your beautiful moments with this new feature.

8. Starts at $699 only

Yes, you heard it correct. Price starts from $699 for 64 GB internal memory which was $749 for iPhone XR in the previous release. The available internal memory in iPhone 11 is 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

iPhone 11 of 64 GB available for $699 (Rs. 64,900 in India)

iPhone 11 of 128 GB available for $749 (Rs. 69,900 in India)

iPhone 11 of 256 GB available for $849 (Rs. 79,900 in India)

If you think 64 GB is pretty good enough for your apps, photos, videos and more you can just choose 64 GB instead of 128 GB or 256 GB. It also saves many bucks.

9. Spatial audio and Dolby Atmos

From iPhone 11 new spatial audio introduced with which it stimulates sound for a more immersive experience. Now you can watch your movies or shows with audio just like live.

With Dolby Atmos sound moves around you in a 3D space. This will make you feel like you are also part of the action going on making a theater experience.

10. Ultra wide band technology

iPhone 11 has this new feature for Airdrop. With the new apple designed U1 chip which uses ultra-wide band technology to for spatial awareness – allowing iPhone 11 to precisely locate other U1 equipped apple devices. So, if you want to share a file or so to someone using Airdrop, just point your iPhone at theirs and they will be first on the list.

11. In pretty good colors

From the iPhone X release that happened last year, Apple decided to add some colors to iPhone design. And people are loving it. It is not a lie since Tim said iPhone X customer satisfaction is 99%. And new colors being one of the factors.

Now iPhone 11 comes in 6 variant pretty colors – Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, White, and Red. Grab whichever color you like the most. Green is the new color introduced in this release while coral and blue have been removed.

These are some of the features announced by Tim Cook and his team during the Special event 2019. You must wait until the next special event occurs to have new features. 5G is expected to be in 2020 event as per the rumors. If that is not in your bucket list go for iPhone 11 which is available from 20th September, but from 27th September in India.

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