Just a Smartphone?

A Smartphone is not just a hand held device. For the past few years, it has become so important that smartphone is simply the closest friend you have, with no negative feelings or bad thoughts about you. It just does what you want to do. So, it is important for us to know more about... Continue Reading →

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Covid-19 Vaccine Regular updates Worldwide

There is lot of speculation about when does the vaccine for Covid-19 come. Though scientists say that it usually takes years to find a vaccine, major contenders around the globe are going beyond their limits to produce a vaccine for this deadly disease. Do not forget that the vaccine for HIV/AIDS is still not found.... Continue Reading →

Apple Music Review: Is it worth it?

I have been using Apple music for my iPhone 6s for more than 2 years. So, I have more than enough experience with the streaming App. Apple launched its music streaming app initially in July 2015, many years after popular streaming app Spotify. Still, it gained so much popularity and has more than 500 million songs in its library as of 2019. Below are the Pros and Cons of using Apple music.

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